Qualified Rigger and Signal Person


This one-day rigging and signaling class is facilitated with an interactive workbook and “hands-on” exercises.

Participants will gain understanding of:

  • ASME B30 Hand Signals & Voice Communication Methods for Mobile and Overhead Cranes

  • Understanding Center of Gravity

  • Controlling Loads

  • Weight Estimations

  • Hitch Types (Vertical, Choke and Basket)

  • D/d Ratios

  • Sling loading (Share of load & Load Angle Factors)

  • Inspection Criteria of Rigging Materials

  • Sling and Hardware Types

  • Tagline use

  • Dynamic (shock) loading

  • Power-line Clearances

  • Overhead Hazards

  • Hands-On Exercises

  • Written Exam

Participants must be able to read and understand English, as well comprehend basic math, and use a calculator.


Class Duration: 8h

Certification: Wallet Card

Validation: 5 years

Class size: 15

Special group rates available