Fall Protection Awareness



Fall Protection Awareness training is designed to familiarize workers with the dangers of fall hazards, as well as the proper adornment, use, care, and maintenance of fall protection equipment.

With falls being the leading cause of death in construction, it makes sense OSHA requires training for anyone using personal fall protection equipment.

This course covers:

  • OSHA’s “Hierarchy of Controls”

  • Fall Restraint Systems (Railing requirements)

  • Safety Monitors & Warning Lines

  • Fall Protection Plans (Competent Person Supervision)

  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems

    • Arresting forces

    • Free-Fall Distances

    • ANSI specifications

    • System Types (Ropes, SRL, Fixed Lanyards)

  • Required Clearances

  • Swing-Fall Hazards

  • Requirements for inspections and maintenance

  • Harness fitting/storage

  • Connector compatibility

  • OSHA/WAC requirements, covering trigger heights for compliance


Competent Person training various significantly depending on a clients specific needs. Training will include expanded elucidation of all of the user topics, as well possibly:

  • Developing Fall Protection Plans

  • Safety Nets

  • Safety Watch

  • Catch Platforms

  • Man baskets

  • Administrative Controls

  • Inspection Documentation Criteria

  • Working Over Water

  • Rescue Planning

  • Etc.

Call for details.



Class Duration: 2 h and 4 h

Certification: Wallet Card

Validation: 2 years

Level: Awareness

Class size: 40

Special group rates available

Hands-on equipment on 4 h class only

Class available in Spanish (w/o hands-on)