Confined Space


A “Confined Space” is:

  • Large enough for full bodily entry

  • Not designed for continuous human occupancy

  • Has limited or restricted means of access/egress

Class participants will learn how to identify these spaces, and what controls must be implemented prior to entry including:

  • Training Requirements

  • Confined Space Hazards

  • Space Classification

  • Air Monitoring (4-gas meters)

  • Forced Air Ventilation

  • Postings

  • Controlling Access

  • Emergency Rescue Requirements

  • Duties of Attendant and Space Supervisor

  • Permit Process

Competent Person Training covers the topics above, with expanded training on codes, “Competent Person” duties, as well documentation and pre-planning requirements.


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Class Duration: 2 h and 4-8 h

Level: Awareness and Competent Person

Certification: Wallet Card

Validation: 2 years

Level: Awareness

Class size: 40

Special group rates available

Class in Spanish available